How big is the bus?
She is 35 feet long, 8.5 feet wide & 10 ft. 4 inches tall. 
How much living space is there?
There's about 200 sq. feet of usable living space. 
What kind of bus is it?
She's a 1986 S1800 International Blue Bird Bus (All Canadian). 
What's the buses name?
Her name is Penny!
Why do you brand yourselves as 5speedhouse?
Well, the bus has a 5 speed manual transmission, and she'll eventually be our house.
Why are you doing this?
To be free from a permanent location, excessive bills, and having too many belongings. 
Are you sure you can live in such a small space?
No, but we're going to try. Having a smaller space forces us to get rid of a lot of our possessions and focus on what's really important. It will certainly be a lifestyle adjustment but we're ready!
How can I help?
We are accepting donations through our gofundme account!